All The Farms
About All The Farms
The idea behind All The Farms is very straightforward and simple: We should understand what farms are around us, what they are carrying, and where/how we can support them.

We thought the easiest way to do this was to build an address-searchable database that would allow people to find their local farms and ranches, as well as local farms and ranches to be able to sell directly to the public that would like to support them.

All The Farms was created by Chris Styles, Whitney Farrell, and Jim Cupples, in response to their desire to help their local farmers and ranchers, as well as to support the “green spaces” that are located nearby.

Today’s agricultural supply chain is complicated, and mostly serves the largest scaled farms and ranches. Those farms and ranches that supply from thousands of miles away are not raising food for flavor or quality, they are growing for quantity. We reject this system. It lessens the enjoyment of our meals, squeezes out smaller enterprises that diversify our food system, and leaves many of our local small/medium sized farms and ranches “out of the picture”.

If you don’t support your local farms, don’t be surprised when they disappear. Conversely, if your local farms and ranches are doing good business, you’ll be able to count on them in the future - as neighbors and businesspeople. Let’s enjoy the unique tastes and craftsmanship that our local land and labor provides – it’s worth it.

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